Thursday, December 13, 2012

Ally Walker Plastic Surgery Nose Job Before and After

Ally Walker Before and After Nose Jobs
Ally Walker Before and After Nose Jobs
Let me take few minutes and address all the plastic surgery gibber jabber regarding actress, Ally Walker, which seems to be a hot button topic around the internet lately. Initially i wasn’t aware of Ms. Walker and her overall body of work, however after flipping though some of her photos, i was immediately drawn to her nose as the possible culprit in this plastic surgery mystery.
Before and after comparisons show Ms. Walker with two differently shaped noses, mainly focusing on the tip, which appears to be a bit curved in the after snapshot.

Other speculators have suggested the possibility of a minor facelift and facial fillers, however i strongly believe age and makeup are playing a key role in Ally Walker’s current appearance. But i could be wrong, considering my familiarity is quite low with this particular celebrity.

Ally Walker’s career has come a long way since playing Jean-Claude Van Damme’s damsel in distress in Universal Soldier, and apparently, so has her nose. The actress, who went on to star in movies like While You Were Sleeping and Singles before finding a home on television as the star of The Profiler (Get the title now?), is once again in the spotlight as the star of The Protector, and looks great for her age.
However, during a recent stint on Sons Of Anarchy, it was hard not to notice that her nose seemed to look remarkably different than it did in the past. Her once small and button-ish nose, now looks longer and more pointy at the tip (also slightly crooked at times), clear signs that she most likely got a nose job (rhinoplasty), and maybe a somewhat botched one at that. Some suspect that she’s also had a face lift, but her thinned out bone structure is probably just age and lighting, and not a surgeons work. There’s nothing really wrong with a woman her age having some work done to stay fresh for the camera, but looking at the slant in her nose, she probably should have had better work done.
Ally Walker Before and After Plastic Surgery Photos.
Ally Walker Before
Ally Walker After