Thursday, November 29, 2012

Adriana Lima Plastic Surgery Before and After

Adriana Lima Plastic Surgery.
Adriana Lima Plastic Surgery.
Adriana Lima Breast Implants.
Adriana Lima might be a famous model, but like Megan Fox has showen, even the beautiful think they can use a little help from plastic surgery from time to time.

With her small petite frame, Adriana Lima has chosen smaller sized breast implants that are perfect for her size. Now she can fill out swimsuits and lingerie better than any push-up bra. Some believe Adriana Lima has also had other plastic surgery work done. Take a look at the before and after rhinoplasty cosmetic surgery picture below. It’s also believed that she might have had an upper lip augmentation, but if its true, its very subtle.
Adriana Lima’s Surgery Is Victoria’s Real Secret.

Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Adriana Lima has some secrets of her own, and the only person that she shares them with is her plastic surgeon. It seems that she’s had work done on both her lips, and her breasts. Her lips appear to be fuller and more “snake bitten” now than they used to be, which points to either Botox, or an upper lip implant. As for her apparent breast augmentation, there is no bra, no matter how padded, that can take from almost flat chested, as she was when she first started modeling, to her current buxom look.
When asked for his opinion, one surgeon said, “In my opinion supermodel Adriana Lima has definitely undergone breast augmentation. When I compare her earlier pictures to her current ones there is an absolute difference in her shape.
The surgeon gave her an appropriate size for her frame and made them exceptionally symmetrical. I think that the implants look wonderful on her!”. The proof is undeniable, she went from no boobs, to large ones, so it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to figure out that a breast surgeon was involved. So for someone that makes a living selling make-up and push-up bras, Adriana Lima doesn’t rely on them…she relies on plastic surgery instead.